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Knit, Purl…

I have been a knitting machine. I created all of our Christmas gifts, David’s Birthday gift, and some socks for myself. I wanted to share with you my finish products of some of my creations.

The first was David’s Christmas/Birthday sweater. I think I have mentioned before that he has asked many times for a sweater. I have only knitted one sweater before and it was for myself and I did not like the outcome. So, this was a total leap of faith. Well, the finished product is amazing for a first successful sweater.

I used this pattern at Fibre and Spice. I made a few adjustments to it, but the most drastic was using the knit side instead of the purl side. I didn’t like the way the purl looked so I made the appropriate adjustments. I also used four skeins of¬†Regia Highland Tweed in Olive.IMG_0055Next, I worked on some socks for myself. I am falling in love with hand knitted socks! Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait for sandal and flat weather again but knitted socks have so much character.


These were knitted with Araucania Huasco and I created this pattern myself but I am sure you can find a similar pattern on Ravelry or Pinterest.

image3So, now, I am on to some reversible slippers. This pattern has to be the most complicated pattern I have ever dealt with. It is double pointed needles and color work which translates to concentration. I have already knitted in entire slipper and unraveled the whole thing! You are not a true knitter unless you have done this. There is something gratifying yet tragic about unraveling an entire piece. Haha.