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Dublin Coddle

What a perfect time to cook for Ireland? I’m sure it was predictable enough. Seeing as we are back in the States, I thought it would a perfect time to share something other than Corned Beef for St. Patrick’s Day. Corned Beef is more of an American Irish thing, not a traditional Irish meal.

For the last two years, I have made something called Coddle and it is popular in Ireland. It is basically a stew that is made of sausage and bacon. Dublin Coddle: 2-4 slices bacon, chopped
6 good quality sausages (We used homemade sausages!)
1 onion, chopped; 1 leek, chopped and cleaned; 1 bay leaf; 1/4 tsp dried thyme; 3 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into 8ths;  3 carrots, peeled and rough chop; 1 cup good quality beer;  1 cup chicken stock 

1. In a large pot, render the fat from the bacon. Remove the bacon with a slotted spoon when it is starting to get crisp.
2. Saute the sausages. You are going for color not cooked. They are going to cook further later. Remove and set aside with the bacon.
3. Saute onion and leeks until soft over medium low heat. Add bay leaf and thyme and cook for 1 minute.
4. Add the sausage, bacon, potatoes, carrots, beer, and stock.
5. Bring to a simmer and cover for 30-45 minutes until the veggies are soft.

We served this with soda bread and a beer to drink! This is a great alternative to corned beef and cabbage. It is easier on the wallet and the time. 

 Knitting News

 I thought I would also share my sad news. I have knitted an entire slipper and have to take it apart AGAIN! I am determined to finish these slippers but I think I have to move on for the moment. It is making my head hurt. But, they are going to be oh, so, cute when they are done! For now, it is on to the boys’ birthday gifts.


Team Work and Welsh Rarebit

I am going to be honest. This pregnant lady got sick of cooking with olives. We will blame it on the pregnancy. I feel guilty. I have not kept up with my blog during this pregnancy. I have felt pretty normal for growing two humans. My mom and I were just discussing how we must have the good pregnancy genes. So, there really is no excuse for me not to keep up with the blog.

I am going to set myself the goal to blog every Monday for at least the next 7 weeks (the Minions are set to arrive after that or earlier if they would like). There will be no particular theme just an assignment for myself to blog once a week at a specific time. Help me keep to this.

Now to food. Last night, David and I cooked together. We were a well oiled machine. I made a soup. Which I was planning on blogging but pregnancy brain made me leave it on the stovetop overnight. I am sure it would have been fine to eat as it was just vegetables and water but I wasn’t taking chances with this 3rd trimester pregnant body. Really the soup was an onion, two stalks of celery, two small apples, two sweet potatoes, a splash of white wine, and water to cover. Simmer until tender and blend with a stick blender. Simple.

David has been the best during this pregnancy. During the second and third trimester he makes me breakfast or just lets me sleep in. He has truly mastered bread baking and egg sandwiches. He is excited to expand his knowledge of food and is really soaking up the British cuisine before we have to say goodbye. David made some Welsh Rarebit for our dinner. This of course was the best part of our meal. Cheesy-bready goodness. It was just as simple to make as the soup. No bothering with roux just mix in a bowl and spread on bread. Today, I prepared some for lunch with my pregnancy salad: salad greens with feta, olives, and Lucy’s Great Golden Dressing.

welsh rarebit

Welsh Rarebit

1-2 tbsp beer (Good quality, none of that name brand stuff.)

3-4 oz mature cheddar cheese, shredded

1/2 tsp mustard powder (Coleman is the best)

1 tbsp butter, melted

splash of Worchestershire sauce


6-8 slices of bread (a rustic loaf is the best)

1. Mix everything in a bowl except for the bread.

2. Slice and toast the bread.

3. Spread the mixture on the toast.

4. Cook under the broiler or grill until it is bubbly and golden.

We put some of the mix in the fridge for leftovers. David made his egg sandwich with Welsh Rarebit this morning and I had some for lunch. Yum. I think it would dangerous if we had more in leftover. David would be having Welsh Rarebit everyday!

Beer Spinach Onion Cheese Dip

Today, David decided that we needed to have an at home date. I sometimes have a hard time getting into the right mind set for these. I think about how I need to make a meal that is special. Therefore, I make it so complicated that I spend more time preparing and cooking that I neglect him. I would say that my love language is Service while his is Quality Time.

So, I decided to be a little rebellious. It is Christmas time and we are usually attending a few parties during this time and get to enjoy all of the yummy party food. I have been wanting appetizer type food. It probably has to be my guilty pleasure. Meatballs, kielbasa, stuffed mushrooms, veggies, and of course DIP. I decided to make some homemade bread and dip for our date night in. I was having a very very very hard time deciding which dip to make. Beer Cheese Dip. Spinach Artichoke Dip. Onion Dip. So, I decided to combine them all. How could you go wrong? Here is how I did it.

Beer Spinach Onion Cheese Dip


Ingredients (UK measurements)

Small onion, half shredded and half chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

8 oz (250g) package of cream cheese

1/2 cup sour cream

1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded

10 oz box of spinach, defrozed and water squeezed out (My spinach came in a bag. In this bag they were in compacted into little squares of spinach which was very handy. I used five blocks.)

1/2 cup good quality beer

salt and pepper


First you want to prep your onion. I shredded half of my onion. I suggest doing shredding the onion near your sink and turning on the hot water faucet. This will help to soften the blow to your poor eyes.


I chopped the other half of the onion. I think it would be fine if you wanted to skip the shredding.


Caramelizing the onions is key. With a small sauté pan heat up the tbsp of olive oil. You want your heat low. The trick to caramelizing onions is to do it low and slow. This will be the most time consuming part. After about 10 minutes I add some salt this will help to draw out the moisture from the onions and develop that wonderful color. To get delicious onions they need to be cooked like this for 20 minutes or more. I wasn’t very patient with mine.


While your onions are turning yummy prepare the rest of the dip. Mix together the cream cheese (in the UK it is called soft cheese), sour cream, cheese, spinach, and salt/pepper.


When your onions are done turn the heat off and add the beer. Mix well. Let sit for 10 minutes.


Add the slightly cooled onion beer mixture to the rest of the dip and mix well.


I made some ciabatta to go with this wonderful dip. Actually, I made the bread then decided to make the dip. To find the recipe head over to The Kitchn.

ImageWith the bread I will also have some carrots and celery. I need to feel a little less guilty by adding the veggies!


I of course had to taste test it. It is amazing! This will be my go to dip recipe. You can easily leave out the beer if you would like. Beer bread would also be a wonderful pairing for this. Now that I have made everything this morning I can now enjoy my quality time with the husband. Let me know what you think!