…Wake Up!

I have disappeared into a world of sleep deprivation and yarn. Since Christmas, Edwyn and Theodore have been teething and growing which means that we don’t get much sleep these days. In turn, my productive mind goes for the rhymic knitting strokes and not the cognitive thinking tasks like blogging or anything other than survival and knitting.

I think in the last week, my husband has really taught me that excuses are the real reason I have abandoned something that I truly enjoy doing, this blog. After all, he is writing a BOOK! Having children really does make you CHANGE. Parents are usually given a slow journey into parenthood. We were given the fast track pass. So, how do I set aside the excuses? By setting goals. I need my productive checklist to keep this mom on track.

For my Spring Time Challenge, I am setting a deadline for April 30th. This will be perfect timing as the buddies’ birthday is May 1st!


My Spring Time Challenge

1. Europe Cooking Challenge – I will have completed at least 10 countries.

2. Knitting Projects – I will finish and share my slippers and the boys’ birthday gifts.

3. Photography Exploring – I will take at least 10 pictures of anything other than my sons, husband, or food. Hahaha. I want to learn more about light and color. Hopefully, I can stretch myself with this one.

So, what do you want to accomplish this season?


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