What will 2015 bring?

Another year has passed. A very emotional and unforgettable year. Twins. Cancer. Transatlantic move. Now that my brain is starting to bounce back from the emotional roller coaster, I am setting my eyes on achieving some personal goals.

A few of my goals will be connected to this blog and I thought it would be a great idea to write about them so I will have some sense of accountability.

European Cuisine
Back in 2012, I cooked my way through Asia. It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed the challenge. David and I are missing England and I thought that it would be a great time to cook our way through Europe.

Every year I knit several pieces but yet I don’t blog about them. I would like to show off my hard work to you all.

I am looking to start a new venture. I am researching how to quilt by hand. I would like to not only hand quilt but also hand piece a quilt. Maybe English paper piecing or not. I haven’t decided.

My parents bought me a wonderful flash for my camera and it has opened a whole new world to shooting for me. No more waiting for daylight to take pictures. I would like to learn more about exposure and light and share my journey.

So, this is all fine and dandy but how am I going to do this. The European cuisine can easily be accomplished but how am I going to accomplish the other three. I think I may pick a day of the week and focus on those things like Needles Tuesday or Photo Wednesday. We will see.

So, stay tuned for some changes around here. I am looking to the future and have high hopes for 2015.

What are your hopes for 2015?


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