A Crazy Summer of Motherhood

What a crazy summer? I have gone through every emotion and every life moment in a matter of three months. The last year, I have been absent due to different changes and events happening in our lives. We found out we were pregnant in September, November brought the news of TWINS, January-April was prep for their arrival and our move back to the States, May brought the glorious mayhem of learning to be parents two times over, July brought a cancer diagnosis for one of the twins, August and September was the big battle and the big move.

If someone had told me the day I found out I was pregnant, waiting in that Starbucks bathroom for the blue lines to appear that a year from then I would be back living with my Mémère, with twin boys, and one of them would have cancer, I would have…done something…I don’t know what.
This blog to me has always been an outlet for my expressive which is translated into food or work with my hands like needlework or art. Well, I have been using my hands for another purpose in my absence. I have been using them to feed, bathe, love on, wipe away tears, wipe away vomit, preform medical tasks, administer medications for the last five months and that is an extraordinary thing.

My life has morphed into something I never hoped it would be. However, I would not change it for the world. I have learned so much about myself as a believer and seen the future of my motherhood journey.

I am predicting that this blog will start to morph. It will start to evolve as I evolve into a mom. I never really thought about myself changing that much when I had children. But, now, I am understanding what women have been talking about for centuries. I will still be expressing myself through food and art but there may be a mommy blog or thought thrown in there. We will see and only time will tell.

If you would like to learn more about our summer, you can head over to our CaringBridge. David and I share more about our cancer journey with Eddy.


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