A Double Birth Story

It has been a crazy two months. I have heard and read many a birth stories and the overwhelming theme is they were not prepared for the unexpected. I was determined to mentally prepare for the unexpected. Well, some how that did not work. Go figure!

It all began on April 24 at my last scan to see our little munchkins for the last time before SEEing them. As usual, both buddies were breach. They had been breach the entire pregnancy except for TWIN 2 for a brief period of time. This led to my booking of a caesarean section at 37 weeks.

I was completely okay with this decision. I have had surgery a couple of times and I have never had an issue with recovery. If we were going to have a c-section, we also needed to do steroid injections to make sure that the babies lungs were developed enough. So, I had appointments for my injects for 29th and 30th with the section scheduled for the 1st. This was perfect because my mother was coming in from Boston on the 30th.

The 29th came around and I did my usual routine of waddling on to the bus and to the hospital. I received my first injection and then everything changed. My entire pregnancy my blood pressure had been elevated. It was never alarming and it was closely monitored. As usual, my bp was elevated. I just so happened to do a urine sample just in case the midwife wanted it. She didn’t mention anything about it so, I just offered it up. Couldn’t hurt. Well, for the first time I presented protein. This meant I was showing signs of preeclampsia.

I was booked into the hospital. This was sad and a little scary. I wasn’t prepared for this. My bags were already packed but I was not ready mentally, looking back. The goal at this point was to make it to my second injection and then to make it to May 1st. They kept an eye on my blood pressure and protein.

The 30th was a waiting game. David went with a friend to pick up my mom from the airport. I was hooked up to a double monitor to hear the babies. Which was like playing hide-n-go-seek for the first time. I received my second injection and I was able to relax a little after that point. It is important to note that we knew that TWIN 1 was considerably smaller than TWIN 2. So, I was looking forward to the steroids just to make sure both munchkins were ready.

May 1st was the day. We waited for our turn and at 11am they came to collect me for the surgery. I was prepped and ready to go. We had about 10 people in the theatre with us, each baby was given their own little team.

TWIN 1, Theodore, was born at 12:36pm. He was a tiny 4lb 2oz. He was meek and sleepy. There were concerns about his breathing and his weight. He didn’t cry once, which in hindsight relates to his personality. I gave a quick kiss and he was off to the Neo-Natal Unit to receive sugars. I was asked if we wanted to do bottle or cup feeds, I chose cup feeds. But, more on that in a later post. 10320424_584471154004_2757991784056980949_n Sleepy Teddy after being born.

TWIN 2, Edwyn, was born at 12:37pm. He was a “chunky” 7lb 2oz. He was a little more active than his brother but it took him a little bit to give us his first cry. David had a cuddle with him as I was being stitched up. 10325270_584471134044_1245010796203839670_n Edwyn and I in the theatre.

I was moved into a recovery room and was given Eddy to have some skin to skin and to start breastfeeding. A midwife supervised me as my little buddy moved around looking for my nipple. It was a great experience to see the natural instinct of my little buddy. This was a great bonding experience and all of my attention and focus was on him. From this physical interaction, I was in love. After about 30 minutes, I was moved up to the postnatal ward.

It was a bizarre day. I went from having a twin pregnancy and delivering twins to having a single baby. It was so hard to think about bonding with another baby because I barely got to see him. Here, I had Edwyn in my arms. I was able to kiss and hug and nurse him. I could barely think about going to see the other child that I had because I was already so attached to Eddy. When my mother arrived, David went down to see Teddy. David gave me a report on how he was doing and showed us a picture. But, in my mind he wasn’t really my baby.

David and Mom stayed for as long as they were allowed. When they had to leave there were many tears on my end. After about an hour, I finally mustered up the courage to stand up (my spinal had worn off) and in turn visit the Neo-Natal unit. I was wheeled down to the unit and saw our little “chicken wing” in the incubator. I was told he was doing great and that they just wanted to observe him until the morning and he would be with me. The nurse asked if I wanted to hold him and I timidly said yes. But, as soon as I had him in my arms, it was as if I had just given birth to him and they placed him in my arms. He was instantly mine. I talked to him the whole time and he just stared. He knew who I was and he liked me.

I sadly, had to part from my little buddy. I was exhausted by my day and if you have ever been in a Neo-Natal/NICU unit you will know it is a sauna. I left looking forward to seeing and holding him in the morning and sharing him with David and Mom. 10320419_584480056164_5672841939533694174_n Theodore in the Neo-Natal Unit.

The story continues…


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