Homemade Baby Linens

Over the past month, I have been finishing up the prep for our little minions’ arrival. I can not believe we are only three weeks away before they have their eviction date.

We have been blessed by family and friends in the States and our friends and communities here in Nottingham. We find ourselves in a weird situation, as we are first time parents which comes with a whole new stage of life. Expecting twins, double the stuff required. Moving in four/five months overseas, don’t want too much stuff to send back or get rid off. This is why I have only collected and received the absolute necessities for our minions.

Some of those necessities, I decided to make myself. Our former housemates left behind a large stash of fabric. So, I went to work and I thought I would share with you what I made.

homemade baby linens
Number 1: Sheets for our Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper
Number 2: Burp Cloths
Number 3: Cloth Wipes
Number 4: Knitted Chevron Blanket

Sheets were definitely on my priority list. A few months ago, I purchased an Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper for our little ones. The bed attaches to our bed to help make those late night feedings easier. Seeing as I am having two babies to grab, change, and feed, I wanted to make my life as easy as possible. The only problem with this lovely contraption is the sheets. It came with one fitted sheet and to buy an extra I was going to have to shell out £20 each. This was not going to work for my budget or the fact that there is twice the amount of baby to make a mess of things.

So, I basically made large pillowcases for the mattress with some cotton fabric. Nothing fancy. I did leave a little bit of a tongue from the top part of the sheet so it could be tucked underneath neatly. It is a great alternative to messing with the elastic for a fitted sheet. This technique will also work for pack n’ plays.
burp cloths
Burp Cloths were next. Twice the amount of spit ups in my future. I already have a few cloth diapers and muslins that will work well but I wanted to make a few to be on the safe side. So, I used some pretty Mexican themed cotton fabric on one side and terry cloth on the other. You could also use old towels but I had some terry cloth lying around. Nothing too hard. Sew wrong sides together except a small hole to turn it right side out. Press, press opening down, and sew around the edge to close. Done.
cloth wipes
Cloth wipes are a simple creation. They are even simpler than the burp cloths. It is best to use cotton flannel for this project. Cut, sew wrong sides together on three sides, turn right side out, press, press open end, sew shut. I will be using some of the bigger wipes as wash cloths for bath time but the rest you use like wipes. You can spray the bum with water and wipe clean with the cloth wipe.
chevron blanket
Last was a knitted blanket. What kind of mother would I be if I did not knit them a blanket? I settled for the trendy chevron pattern with a teal, grey, and light pink colors. I used Rico Design Essential Soft Merino Aran in colors 013, 095, 040. If you like the design you can check it out here on Ravelry. I plan on making another blanket but carpal tunnel has recently set in and knitting is not the best activity for it.

So, that is all. Next on my list of things to do is to pack those hospital bags. Ahhh, this is getting so real!


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