Team Work and Welsh Rarebit

I am going to be honest. This pregnant lady got sick of cooking with olives. We will blame it on the pregnancy. I feel guilty. I have not kept up with my blog during this pregnancy. I have felt pretty normal for growing two humans. My mom and I were just discussing how we must have the good pregnancy genes. So, there really is no excuse for me not to keep up with the blog.

I am going to set myself the goal to blog every Monday for at least the next 7 weeks (the Minions are set to arrive after that or earlier if they would like). There will be no particular theme just an assignment for myself to blog once a week at a specific time. Help me keep to this.

Now to food. Last night, David and I cooked together. We were a well oiled machine. I made a soup. Which I was planning on blogging but pregnancy brain made me leave it on the stovetop overnight. I am sure it would have been fine to eat as it was just vegetables and water but I wasn’t taking chances with this 3rd trimester pregnant body. Really the soup was an onion, two stalks of celery, two small apples, two sweet potatoes, a splash of white wine, and water to cover. Simmer until tender and blend with a stick blender. Simple.

David has been the best during this pregnancy. During the second and third trimester he makes me breakfast or just lets me sleep in. He has truly mastered bread baking and egg sandwiches. He is excited to expand his knowledge of food and is really soaking up the British cuisine before we have to say goodbye. David made some Welsh Rarebit for our dinner. This of course was the best part of our meal. Cheesy-bready goodness. It was just as simple to make as the soup. No bothering with roux just mix in a bowl and spread on bread. Today, I prepared some for lunch with my pregnancy salad: salad greens with feta, olives, and Lucy’s Great Golden Dressing.

welsh rarebit

Welsh Rarebit

1-2 tbsp beer (Good quality, none of that name brand stuff.)

3-4 oz mature cheddar cheese, shredded

1/2 tsp mustard powder (Coleman is the best)

1 tbsp butter, melted

splash of Worchestershire sauce


6-8 slices of bread (a rustic loaf is the best)

1. Mix everything in a bowl except for the bread.

2. Slice and toast the bread.

3. Spread the mixture on the toast.

4. Cook under the broiler or grill until it is bubbly and golden.

We put some of the mix in the fridge for leftovers. David made his egg sandwich with Welsh Rarebit this morning and I had some for lunch. Yum. I think it would dangerous if we had more in leftover. David would be having Welsh Rarebit everyday!


3 thoughts on “Team Work and Welsh Rarebit”

  1. We love rarebit! It (plus homemade chips) was the specialty of our favorite pub in St. Louis, where we even had our wedding reception because we liked it so much! When we moved out to North Carolina, we missed rarebit so much that we learned to make it ourselves. Ours isn’t quite so easy as yours; we make it in our fondue pot (so the wedding gift actually gets used!).

    I’m so glad to hear things are going well for you. 🙂

    1. David has made Welsh Rarebit on the stove top before and he was so happy when we tried it this way because it tastes the same but with less work and clean up. Plus, it keeps in the fridge a bit better.

      Hopefully, you will be able to experience a bit more of your pub favorites during your trip to the UK.

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