Alive and More Than Well

What a few months I have had. First, I must apologize for my absence, but when I share the circumstances I am sure you will give me some grace.

September was the visit from my parents. We spent four days in the Lake District and then the rest in Nottingham with a visit to London on my birthday. The visit was much-needed and was very fun to show them our life here in the UK.

October was the sick month. The true reason I was gone for so long is because…I’M PREGNANT! I was able to share the news with my parents upon their arrival to the UK. I was feeling great when they were here. Except for a little fatigue and the super smell I was doing great. About a week after they left it was all down hill from there. I spent the whole month in a state of nausea.
That brings us to this month, November. I have been on a slow incline of recovery. I go a few days with being fine then I have a day when I just want to spend the day in bed. I have experienced some cravings of salty and savory things. For me not to crave sweet things is very odd.

We had our first scan a couple of weeks ago. Here in the UK they only do ultrasounds when you are 12 weeks and 20 weeks. David and I were obviously very excited. I was a little nervous because it is the first real confirmation other than peeing on a stick. I am sure some other moms will relate to my weird nerves. The scan went well. A little too well. As we are having TWINS!!!!
David and I have been in a state of shock ever since. Two babies, family of four, twins, two, have all been repeated everyday. Apparently, twins are part of my family history. We didn’t really know that before our surprise. Now, we know. We are so excited but also very nervous. 

So, I hope you are prepared to join me in this journey. If you are a family of twins, all advice is appreciated. I hope you are ready to watch these first time parents be broken in with two babies.

For now, my blogging mind is focused on Thanksgiving. We will be celebrating this Saturday with our American friends here in the UK. We are hosting and I am responsible for the turkey. I plan on sharing my turkey tales with you after. You will see why cooking a turkey is going to be interesting in my kitchen.

For now, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

From our family (of four) to yours.


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