Another Farewell

It is a sad part of life, saying goodbye to some friends or family. But, the reality is that people must keep moving forward in their lives to experience new adventures. It is up to you to keep the relationship going.

Yesterday, David and I said goodbye to our housemates! They are moving back to the States. This past weekend, we celebrated their time in England by going to the Peak District!

The majority of Americans in the department headed from Beeston to Cromford/Matlock Bath for a picnic lunch and a little stroll. 4 couples and 3 little ones.  We stopped first in Cromford, where we went into St Mary’s Church and Scarthin Booksinatree David needed to get in the tree. Sometimes he is such a kid.
stmaryschurchstmaryschurch1stmaryschurch2stmarysmuralstmarysmural1 The church was so beautiful. We all really enjoyed it. Then we headed to the book store, had lunch, enjoyed Sara’s cupcakes, walked, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Tuesday was their last day so I prepared for them their last meal. I made caprese salad, procuitto and melon salad, butternut squash ravioli with sage butter sauce, spinach and cheese ravioli with fresh tomato sauce, and homemade eclairs. I know the eclairs do not fit into this Italian meal but I had a new toy I needed to use.
I also made them a gift. They have seen me working on it for the last month or two. I will admit, I did gift wrap it unfinished with a note that said, “It’s not finished. But, Ta-Da!” It is a cross stitched table cover.
We were sad to see them to go. But, we all know that they are just beginning a new adventure and are very excited to see where they are in the not so distant future.


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