Relaxing in the Lake District

Thursday was more of a relaxation day. We started off by the lake and spent a little time relishing the beauty of the lake and hills. We also took some pictures of us together! It doesn’t happen very often.
The rest of the day we spend in Ambleside looking at the shops, playing cribbage, and enjoy one another’s company. I do have to mention I trampled David four times in cribbage.
David and I are making it a point to pick something up from every place we visit so we can remember it by. This is something that we have not been very good at practicing but we find it more and more important. Some people collect spoons, shot glasses, magnets, or even dirt/sand. So, we picked up some artwork at a local gallery.
As we are preparing to make the voyage back to Nottingham I am dreaming about people we love visiting this majestic place. If you wish to visit, Manchester has a great airport and from there it is an hour and a half train to Windermere Station. Very accessible by the wonderful public transport.

In the next week, I will be brewing up a few recipes that inspired me on our trip. Things that are special to the Cumbria/Lake District area. Maybe even an ice cream inspired by Lake Windermere.


4 thoughts on “Relaxing in the Lake District”

  1. You guys even play cribbage? My goodness, we’re all so similar! I’m looking through your recipes and dying to try some of them (though in our household, Isaac does most of the cooking and I mostly do the baking). I’m going to suggest that delicious-looking lentil shepherds pie for next week. 🙂

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