The Incredible Ice Cream Maker!

What a great day to talk about ice cream? It’s snowing! In March! It makes me feel like I am in New England again. Anyway.

While David and I were packing up our apartment in Lincoln for storage I found a box of all the wedding cards we had received. So, what did I do? I went through every card to make sure there was no extra cash we had missed. And well, to my surprise I discovered a $50 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond! For three years that card was hiding!

So, what does one buy with only three months left in the States and living with your parents? I bought an ice cream maker. That summer I discovered the art of ice cream making. I had a few successes but a few failures. Blackberry Basil and Bailey’s Irish Cream were some of the successes. Frozen Chocolate Greek Yogurt was the biggest failure. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ICE CREAM DO NOT MAKE IT DIET!

Then, I had to say goodbye to my precious contraption. We moved to Nottingham and I was disappointed with the frozen treat aisle at the grocery store. Then one day I spotted her! In a charity shop. An ice cream maker.
She was beautiful! But, the price tag of £10 was too much for my bargain brain. For a few weeks, I would just go in and see if she was still there. And to my surprise she was! I was rewarded for my patience! Her price was slashed in half. I paid a glorious £5 for an ice cream maker. Honestly, I don’t think people knew what it was.
She is different from my American Cuisineart. I have to work for my ice cream with the hand crank. It just tastes better if you have to work for it.
The bowl of the ice cream maker goes into the freezer and is ready to go within 24 hours. There is this nice “mood ring” indicator that tells you when it is ready. I usually just shake it. If I hear stuff moving it isn’t ready.
If you can’t tell. I love this ice cream maker. If I can, she will be coming back to the States with us.

Do you have an ice cream maker? What is yours like? Are you obsessed as much as I am?


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