January Downer

If you have never heard of seasonal affective disorder just move to the UK? SAD is a mood disorder that is affected by the seasons. I’m not saying I have been diagnosed with this disorder but I can relate more now that I live in the country that is so endearingly recognized for its rain. It is very hard to get motivated with the cold, rain, snow, cloudiness, and wind.

Growing up in New England you would think I would adjust to the seasonal cycle fine here. Or the 6 years I spent in the Midwest would prepare me for the moderate climate. Nope. New England winters are what I call, the never-ending, enchanting winters. In New England, there are those nights when it would snow for almost 24 hours. It would be the perfect day for pajamas, hot chocolate, movies, and slippers. The very next day, would be filled with clear skies and sunshine all day. You would dress up in your snow suit, boots, gloves, and grab your sled, shovel, and sometimes food coloring (if you could sneak it past mom). You would have to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the radiant glow that bounced off the pristine sheet of fluff. The very thought of those days makes me poetic. However, you would expect a foot of snow from the beginning of October to the end of April.

Then, there are the Midwestern winters. Less snow but more ice. There was no sledding in the middle of the cornfields of Illinois. But, there was the wonder of snow with wind. It would snow a few inches at a time. Which to this New England girl was nothing to the feet I was used to. However, when you add 20+mph winds to the 3 inches of fresh laid powder you get the wonder of 3 foot snow drifts. We lived in the middle of the cornfields in Illinois. I would look out the window and see nothing in the cornfields but as soon as I stepped out the door I would be greeted with a 5 foot high snow drift. If you have never seen the icicles of the Midwest you are missing out. They form around the dead crops of the harvest, buildings, cars, and windows. They were one of my favorite things in the Midwest.

Now, don’t get me wrong I like it in the UK. I enjoy the culture, people, and overall life here. However, when it comes to the seasons of Autumn and Winter I was spoiled. It is as if you always went to   as a kid and then you decided to try   as an adult. It is kind of a letdown. It also doesn’t help that my main mode of transportation is my own legs. However, the worst of it all is the breakup I had with the sun. My source of Vitamin D has broken up with me and I am severally brokenhearted. All I want to do is watch chick flicks, eat Ben and Jerry’s, and stay in my pajamas all day. This is not good for my no added sugar diet and gym membership. So, for now I just have to suck it up. I will keep pining over the sun who is the Diane Court to my Lloyd Dobler but without the pen. “I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.” I must turn my emotions to John Cusack, Molly Wingwald (family joke), the gym, and, I guess, my own husband.

Here are few pictures of the gloom from Mosley Manor.


january2 Even our roses would like some sunshine.



So, here is to hoping I am reconciled with my love the sun soon. I hope your winter is going better than mine.


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