A Clean House is a Happy House

Baking Soda. Vinegar. Two things clean your entire house. No need for every chemical compound in the world to clean your home.

Baking soda is great for scrubbing. It is course so it can work through bathtub grime and other hard to scrub spots in your house. Vinegar kills unwanted bacteria, viruses, and mold. Here is a great website on different ways to clean your house with products on hand.

I keep a vinegar/water solution in a squirt bottle in the kitchen and bathroom. For cleaning the bathroom, I make a baking soda paste to scrub down the tub.

Next time it is time to clean the house. Try using vinegar and baking soda.


For laundry, I have jumped on the make your own bandwagon. Here is a website on how to make it.


Store bought detergent: 16p per wash

Homemade detergent: 0.01p per wash

I do two loads a week with a 1/4 cup per load. It is also important to note that we have a front loader. Here in the UK, the machines are much smaller and are always front loaders.

Year worth of detergent:

Store bought: £16.64

Homemade: £1.04

That is right, it cost me £1.04 in detergent to wash our clothes in a YEAR!!! I know, I know saving £15 is not very much to some. £15 will take David and I out for dinner! I am willing to make detergent for a date with my husband!

We have saved a lot of money on cleaning products. What will you be doing with the extra cash?



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