2012 – To a Natural Life

2012. I have started this year off with a new mind set. Being jobless, I have A LOT of free time. I found myself needing more than just knitting and crocheting to fill up my time. The winter here was pretty mild this year but I was cooped up for a few weeks. This time of being a hermit led me to discover new ways of creating a more natural home.

I do have to preface that I do not have a soap box. I am not doing this to avoid cancer, be more organic, or avoid big box names. I honestly want to know how everything got more complicated. The more I learn, the more I figure out that certain things are not necessary. I also wanted to be more self aware. What does my body need?

So, this week I am going to dedicate each day to a certain topic. An interest of mine. Whether it be cosmetic, food, or cleaning oriented. I have read a lot about each subject and I plan on including my research in each post along with some ways to change your habits if you chose to do so.

I hope this helps me become more organized in my adventure to have a more simple, natural life. And I hope that some of you may take some of the same steps with me.

So, here is the schedule.

Monday – Hair We Are                                                                                                                                                  No Poo. What is SLS? Is it bad for me? Where did shampoo come from? 

Tuesday – The Boy with the Bread (Sorry, in a Hunger Games kick like everyone else in the world.) Sourdough. Preservatives. Cheaper or more expensive?

Wednesday – A Clean House is a Happy House                                                                                                  Chemicals. Antibacterial. Bathroom. Kitchen. Laundry.

Thursday – The Largest Organ of the Human Anatomy                                                                                   How to learn more about your skin?

Friday – Beyond the Basics                                                                                                                                      What are my goals? What are your goals?

See you on Monday!


4 thoughts on “2012 – To a Natural Life”

  1. I definitely understand what you mean about trying to figure out how things got so complicated. Sometimes I’m amazed at how easy the “old school” cooking and housekeeping things really are. I’m on a similar adventure myself (for life, really), and I’ll be interested to see how yours goes. I’m also slightly jealous of your location; I lived in Reading for a while, and now that I’m back in the states I miss the UK!

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