A Reflection on Ten Years

Ten years. A lot can happen in ten years. A lot can be learned in ten years. Ten years ago I lost someone. Ten years ago I lost my sister to childhood cancer. If you know me very well you will know that I have been pretty silent on this event in my life. However, this life changed mine forever.

Every December 18th, every February 20th, every holiday, every life event that happens in my family we reflect on her. We talk about how she would have acted on these days. We feel the way we miss her. The sting has lessened with time even though it does have it moments of intensity.

My reflections over the last ten years…

The Peterson family would look completely different had this not happened. Erin and I would not have grown closer had we not lost her. My parents marriage would be different. I would probably not have met David. Erin probably would not have met Iain which would leave out those two wonderful boys.

I am very careful when using the word SORRY.

God can be found in all things…

Nature Relationships Birth Death Sickness Emotions

He can be found in everything. You just have to open your eyes. Sarah brought this message to many. She showed more people this message in nine months then I have in ten years.

The questions should not be Why do bad things happen to good people? BUT How is God working in every event of our lives? Our lives should be pursuing this every day.

God surprisingly works in Mysterious Ways (blatant U2 reference)!

You have to find Him in everything. Loss, sickness, fear, blessing, deliverance…

You just have to be willing to see Him in both the positive and the negative.

Sarah died a week before Christmas. This timing has taught me more about Advent than my four years of bible college. Advent is about waiting for the coming Messiah. Waiting for “God with Us.” Waiting through deliverance, wandering, death, sickness… Waiting for God to comfort us. Waiting for God’s compassion. Waiting for God’s womb to move within.

Christmas has forever been changed by God. These events that have changed my life were because of God. Therefore, I will not spend my time on gifts but celebrating the Ultimate Gift.

David and I are learning how to teach our future children the message of Christmas. Sarah is a big part of that. But most important is God.

I ask that you reflect on Christmas and the Advent season.

“So he held her and he prayed

Shafts of MOONLIGHT on his face

But the baby in her womb

He was the maker of the MOON

He was the Author of the faith

That could make the mountains move”

“Labor of Love” by Andrew Peterson


One thought on “A Reflection on Ten Years”

  1. I too learned from that time and have structured my season to ensure that I find a way to stay in the moments and not let it pass me by. Thank you to your family for the lessons shared.

    Hope your journey and adventure continues to be blessed.

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