Seeing Where We Live

David here,

While I’ve already posted all these pictures, I thought I would repost them here. This way you can seem them all together, rather than having to sift through my twitter and Facebook feeds to find them.

The Nursery School

This is the nursery school right across the street from our flat. If we leave the windows open our flat is suddenly filled with the sounds of small children running, jumping, and playing. Some days, they pipe Disney music through their PA system. Lauren and I like to walk by and see the kids playing and laughing.

The Staff/Postgrad Lounge

This is The Hemsely. It’s a restaurant, bar, café and a great place to read. Since I’m in my first year of Ph.D. I have to do a near inordinate amount of reading. On reading heavy days (which is basically everyday) I like to come here for a few hours, put in my headphones and read, and read, and read, and read. Sometimes our department has seminars where visiting professors come and give presentations followed by having a drink in the bar afterward.

The Humanities Building

This is the Humanities Building. This is where my desk, computer, and the books I keep at the University. It’s brand new, only finished a month and a half ago. This is also where all my colleagues and professors have their desks and offices.

My desk

My desk at the University. This is where I do some of my work.

The field next to the Humanities Building

This beautiful landscape is what I get to see every time I leave the Humanities Building. I can’t wait to see it with snow.

Our flat building

And this is the outside of our flat building. We’ve only met one of the neighbors, a lovely woman named either Jone or June (we can’t tell). I’m not sure how old she is, but she did reference consorting with American service men during WWII. She lives with her dog Barney, who makes almost no noise.

Well, those are all the pictures I’ll post for now. Stay tuned to see more of this new world in which Lauren and I live.

Thanks for all your love and support.


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