Our New Home: No Hot Water

David again.

I just thought I’d give our friends and family an update on our home situation. We’re settling in nicely. A few lights need to be replaced, but our landlord will take care of that. Currently, however, we are without hot water. This has been a problem since Saturday morning, around 11 AM.

At first, we thought the problem was with our gas heater. So, Monday morning (after having emailed our landlord on Sunday) I called both the water company (who told me they couldn’t do anything about it) and the electric/gas company. E.On, our electric/gas company, sent a man over to check our heater and he said things were fine. He then checked our water and said the problem was pressure. Not enough water is going into the boiler to turn it on. So it’s been cold showers, or no showers, since Saturday. Hopefully we’ll have a plumber come by today and fix the problem. Nevertheless, prayers for pressure and the return of hot water will be welcomed.

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