David’s Life at University

David here.

I thought I would let everyone know what things are like here at the University. I haven’t brought the camera out to campus yet, so I don’t have any pictures for you, but if you want to see the building I do most of my work in go to my colleague, Eric’s, blog.

My Day

My usual day, even though I haven’t really had one yet, starts with walking the mile walk from our apartment to the Humanities Building (where I work) and arriving at about 9 AM. From there I sit down at my computer and my laptop, check email and then pull down a book to start reading and taking notes.

Four days a week, I have Latin class at various times and in various places. It is an undergraduate course, so most days I’m third oldest person in the room. I’m only younger than a fellow Ph.D. student and the professor. Depending on when it is, I eat lunch before or after Latin and then resume my studies which currently consists of almost entirely reading and note taking.

Occasionally, I sit in on other classes as well. One of the perks of being a research student is I can audit any class I choose, so long as the professor doesn’t mind, and I don’t have to pay for it or take the exams.

My Professor

Dr. Thomas O’Loughlin (pronounced Oh Lochlan) is my main professor. He’s the one I talk to about my research. He suggests resources to me, tells me when my research isn’t strong enough and will be the first person to read each chapter/portion of my thesis as I write it.

Dr. O’Loughlin is very kind and incredibly intelligent. He and I disagree on several matters some of which pertain to my research, but that is encouraged in this environment.

My Colleagues

The people I spend most of my time with are fellow Ph.D. students in my department. We talk to each other about our research, theology in general, life, movies, books, etc. Some days, I might not get much written or read, but the conversations I’ve had that day will have helped me grasp something in my research I didn’t understand before. The men and women with whom I work are all very interesting and Lauren and I are becoming close to some of them. So far, however, most of them have 6-8 years on us.

In the end, I’m enjoying my time immensely here at the University and we’ll see what the coming semester will bring.

We miss and love you all.


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