Two Weeks

We arrived in Nottingham two weeks ago. It doesn’t feel like two weeks. It feels like we have been here for 24 hours. We have had this sense of displacement. When we arrived in Nottingham we were living in a hotel. Which was great for about 24 hours then the reality of it all sank in. Flat/Home. Bank Account. Registering David. Phone. Job. Public Transportation. Everything connected and we didn’t know where to start.

It took two weeks but we are starting to feel settled. We were able to make some good connections with other couples in David’s department. And through the generosity of one of those couples we have had a temporary home to live in until our place was ready. We have learned a lot in the last two weeks. Things to say. Things not to say. School stuff. Life stuff. Differences. I am starting to feel more comfortable.

We move in tomorrow. That is when the real adventure begins. A furnished flat doesn’t come with everything. Towels. Shower curtain. Bedding. Kitchen stuff. I am very excited to nest again. We have been living with families and out of suitcases. I can’t wait to have a David and Lauren home. To be able to look for something on a hanger not rummage through a suitcase or two looking for that one white tank top.

Sadly, it has been two short weeks that not many pictures have been taken. I promise pictures in then next blog!



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